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Barcelona Centre Financer Europeu

BCFE is an association of entities created in 1991 with the aim of strengthening Barcelona as a financial centre by promoting all kinds of financial services and activities that support the economic activity of the city and its business hinterland. The aim is to contribute to the development and availability of financial structures, to extend and make financial and investment products accessible to companies, and to strengthen the institutions and agents that make Barcelona’s financial platform more outstanding in terms of innovation and internationalisation.

Main Activities

  • Cooperation between financial entities established in Barcelona to disseminate and encourage new practices and regulatory changes, and also to communicate internally and externally the possibilities and capabilities of the Barcelona financial centre.
  • Organisation of all kinds of meetings, conferences, symposia and congresses in order to achieve BCFE’s objectives and to link the city’s financial activities internationally.
  • Contribute to the permanent training and information of professionals in the banking and financial sector of the city, and to facilitate the investment and installation in Barcelona of leading entities in the sector.
  • Promote financial sustainability through active participation in European and international financial centres for sustainability (FC4S).


17 December,2020

El Euro Digital: Perspectiva del Eurosistema

Place: Webinar. Organizers: Banco de España and Barcelona Centre Financer Europeu. Time: 17:00.

Speaker: Carlos Conesa, Deputy General Manager of Financial Innovation and Market Infrastructures at the Banco de España.

02 December,2020

European Green Deal: Una oportunitat per a les PIMES d’esdevenir sostenibles

Place: Zoom. Organizers: PIMEC, Col·legi d’Economistes de Catalunya and Barcelona Centre Financer Europeu. Time: 10:00.

Speakers: Jaume Puig, President of the PIMEC Sustainability Commission; Ana García, president of the Commission of Economy and Sustainability of the College of Economists of Catalonia; Luis Herrero, President of Barcelona Centre Financer Europeu For Sustainability; Laura Rahola, Head of Communication of the Representation of the European Commission in Barcelona; Antoni Vallès, Director of Business Development at the Institut Català de Finances; José Manuel Pedregal Varela, Director of Financing Solutions at Banc Sabadell; Joan Pera, CEO of Manufactures Arpe and president of PIMEC Maresme – Barcelonès Nord; Joan Vila, owner of LC Paper and chairman of the PIMEC Energy Commission; Pol Font, of the Financial Economics Commission, Col·legi d’Economistes of Catalonia; Joan Barfull, technical director of the PIMEC Sustainability Commission.

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