All that necessary for better understanding and knowledge of the contribution that Sustainable Finances can offer for obtaining g the ODS, by means of consulting bibliography, publications by experts, legal norms, etc., are also found in this section.


Climate Bonds Releases Green Bond Pricing Report for H2 2020 Greenium increasingly visible including German Sovereign Green Bund.

Author: Climate Bonds Initiative.

Published: 11.03.21.

New Climate Bonds Certification Criteria released for Buildings in European Cities.

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain.
Author: Climate Bonds Initiative.

Published: 17.02.21.

La Financiación Sostenible en España 2020.

OFISO Annual Report and Press Release.

Published: 29.01.21.

Sovereign Green, Social, and Sustainability Bond Survey.

The ultimate power to transform the market.

Authors: Caroline Harrison and Lea Muething.

Speakers: Elvira Eurlings, Zolan Kurali, Luying Gan, Eman Ahmed Abdelazim, Manuel Adamini and Caroline Harrison.

Published: 28.01.21.

Building EU green bonds that deserve their name.

Authors: Lucas Guttenberg (Deputy Director) and Sebastian Mack (Policy Fellow).

Published: 19.10.20.

TEG Report: Proposal for an EU Green Bond Standard.

Published: 18.06.19.